Quest Academy teaches out of St Albans High school.
General Karate Class:
Day's: Mondays & Thursdays
Time: 6-7pm.
Location: Sports Hall , St Albans School, IP4 3NJ.



Performance karate is open to higher grades with a EKF license.
The class take place on Monday’s 6-7pm at St Albans High School Sports Hall.
The performance class covers all aspects of competition kumite including:

• Ring Craft
• Attacking techniques
• Block and counter
• Defence 
• Closing down
The class will works on different elements of a fight situation from your basic arsenal of attacks, to working to close down a fighter to score a point, to varies blocking and counter techniques. This will class can be for those want to accomplish the best of all fighting situations for local, national or even to represent England at international level.
The general karate class is for aged from +5 years. This covers the grading syllabus for taking your karate belts.

Students will learn basic blocks, kicks, and punches. The higher the grading belt the more the student will learn and develop.

These blocks, kicks and punches are combined to form kata’s which students perform for grading and can compete in competitions.

Good basic moves help the student with the sparring and kumite. Being able to move attack and defend themselves.
Karate teaches and helps with:

• Confidence
• Discipline
• Control
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Power
• Focus




Quest Academy holds Karate grading's for belts. The Student must achieve the required basic blocks, kicks, punches & kata's (Set Sequence of moves) for their grading according to the Quest Academy karate syllabus.